Quality BMW Brake Service in Mesa, AZ

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Experienced Brake Specialists

At Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks, our technicians have previous BMW dealership experience. This ensures that you’re receiving the best BMW service possible. Our team performs all BMW services at the same level, if not better, than your local dealership. This includes your BMW brake service. All brakes will eventually need attention, but your BMW’s brakes should only be serviced by a BMW specialist. As soon as you notice any warning signs, you should bring your BMW to Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks to receive brake service. These warning signs can be audible or felt. The earliest sign that your BMW needs brake service is the high-pitched squealing noise that you hear every time you apply your brakes. Your brake pads are designed to alert you when they’ve worn too low. Although the squealing noise can be very annoying, drivers can go a long time before they notice. Just by having your car stereo turned up, you might miss this warning sign. Every other person or car around you will definitely notice though. By the time that you hear this early warning sign, you may have been driving on bad brakes for weeks, or even months. The other warning signs may be felt in your steering wheel or your brake pedal. Faulty brakes can cause a shaking or vibration of your steering wheel or brake pedal.

OEM & Manufacturer Brake Parts

If your BMW brake service is long overdue, you can do extensive damage to your braking system. After the protection of your worn brake pads is gone, you will hear a metal-on-metal grinding noise whenever you slow down. This is extremely dangerous, and you should cease driving your vehicle immediately. You may have already done expensive damage to your brake’s parts. Failing to bring your BMW to Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks early enough can be very costly. However, we are the most skilled, and the most affordable option in Mesa, AZ for any of your BMW services. You have nothing to worry about when you come to us.

Convenience for Your Busy Schedule

Call us today! Schedule your next BMW brake service appointment with the experts at Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks. We understand how there’s never a good time for auto repairs, but they still must be done. That is why we offer after hours drop-off service and discounted loaner cars through Hertz so you can choose a time that works best for you and your schedule. We’ll be here, waiting to provide you the complete and thorough BMW brake services that will keep you and your passengers safe.