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Comprehensive BMW Suspension Service

Responsible for maximizing the friction between the road and tires, the suspension system plays a key role in why your BMW operates so smoothly. Improvements to the system have only enhanced the experience, but it can all go awry if it’s not properly cared for. At Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks, we can help with just that. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, our team of factory-trained, Master Certified technicians utilizes their in-depth knowledge of the BMW brand to provide the suspension system with the dealership level service it needs. We use tools, components, and service techniques that are specific to the brand, so your BMW can maintain its performance for miles to come. Visit our shop today and see how we can help your BMW!

Do You Have a Bad Suspension System?

One of the many great things about BMW vehicles is its ability to inform you of specific problems that could be going on. Many vehicles don’t provide that yet, and having an idea of what’s going on helps you get ahead of an issue before it worsens. With that said, it’s still helpful to know when something is going wrong, especially when it comes to the suspension system. Here are a few warning signs you need to look out for if you suspect trouble with your BMW’s suspension.

Sagging Vehicle

The suspension system relies on springs to help maintain a proper level above the ground. If you notice your BMW sagging to one side, that’s a clear sign something is wrong with the springs. This is dangerous for your vehicle, as going over obstacles such as speed bumps could cause the vehicle to bottom out and cause additional damage underneath.

Rough Rides

One of the main purposes of your BMW’s suspension system is to help absorb much of the impact it feels on the road. If you feel like your drives have been rougher or that you feel every bump on the road, that indicates something is wrong with the suspension. We’re specifically talking about the shock absorbers, as they help dampen the bouncing, bumping, and shaking you would feel on the road.

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Without the suspension system, you would feel almost every bump and imperfection found on the road. Make sure you keep all your drives smooth and comfortable by scheduling a suspension service with Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our experienced technicians utilize tools, components, and service techniques sourced from the BMW brand itself to ensure your vehicle receives the dealership quality service it deserves. We’ll make sure everything in your BMW is in working order!

Want to schedule an appointment? Have questions about our suspension services? Give us a call at (480) 404-0051 and speak with one of our staff members today! If you’re in the area and want to schedule a visit in person, stop by our shop in North Scottsdale! We’re located on 2033 W University Drive. We look forward to serving you!