Signs Your BMW Needs Alignment

Signs Your BMW Needs Alignment

Making Your BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine

Wheel alignment services are a preventative maintenance step that can improve your wheel lifespan and fuel economy. Improperly aligned wheels can also create dangerous driving situations as you struggle to retain control of your BMW. Restore the thrilling power and performance of your favorite vehicle today with premier BMW wheel alignment services in Mesa, Arizona.

Unusual Pulling

One common sign of improper wheel alignment on a BMW is unusual a pulling in one direction. If you feel your vehicle drifting to one side, you may need to realign your wheels. This process is relatively quick and easy with the right experience and tools, but is best left to a professional.

Uneven Tire Wear

As you inspect your tires for signs of wear, look for uneven wear patterns. Regardless of the type of wear, odd wear patterns are a common sign that your tires aren’t properly aligned. This can reduce your fuel economy and require you to replace your tires more often.

Off-Center Steering Wheel Position

Your steering wheel should rest comfortably in an upfront, straight orientation as you drive down the road. If you need to hold your BMW steering wheel to one side in order to drive straight, your wheels are misaligned. This can happen after a tire replacement service, or can be the result of driving over potholes and uneven terrain.

Shaky Steering

Finally, a shaking steering wheel is a common sign that you need wheel alignment services for your BMW. When your tires attempt to pull in two different directions, it can create resistance and cause your steering wheel to shake and shudder. Over time, this will cause uneven wear on your tires and reduce your fuel economy.

Receive Trusted BMW Wheel Alignment Services in Mesa

Quality BMW alignment services restore your wheels' correct alignment with precision tools and techniques. If you've experienced signs of improper alignment, or wish to have your wheels inspected to prevent this condition, stop by Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks. As your leading BMW dealership alternative, our Mesa, Arizona, location offers quality services that are specialized for BMW owners. Schedule a service today to discover how an affordable maintenance step can restore the power, handling, and fuel economy of your favorite BMW. Call our Mesa location at (480) 733-5321, our Scottsdale location at (480) 404-0051 or contact us online to get started today!

Written by Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks