The History of BMW

The History of BMW

Producing Everything From Fighter Planes To Formula 1 Cars

If you're the proud owner of a BMW, your vehicle is part of a rich history of innovative automobile production. Learn more about the history of BMW today to better appreciate your stunning vehicle and its history. Maintain your favorite vehicle with premier BMW repair services in Scottsdale, AZ. From a classic BMW to the latest hybrid car, learn more about your vehicle and how to maintain it today.

Founding Products

Founded in 1916, the German motor vehicle company that later became BMW began by manufacturing several engines for various purposes. Primary components in their early days included motorcycles, airplane components, and farm equipment.

After World War I, the company was officially named BMW. The first BMW automobile was produced in 1923, the BMW R 32. From there, the brand began to produce more and more sports cars and luxury vehicles, eventually transitioning into the luxury car company we know today.

BMW Automobile History

As BMW continued to grow in the 1930s, the company introduced a front axle with independent suspension for both wheels. This innovative design helped the move forward with cutting-edge technology and the latest in luxury and convenience. BMW has continued to use leading technology with turbocharged engines, hybrid engines, and carbon-fiber structures. These innovative technologies offer significant improvements over typical automobile designs. BMW isn't just a luxury car company but provides a range of SUVs, sedans, and other vehicle types for all drivers.

Learn More About Your BMW in Scottsdale, AZ

Now that you have a better understanding of the history of your BMW find ways to maintain your BMW for long-term use. For best results, it's important to choose a qualified technician who understands the unique components of your BMW. Without this specialized experience, you may not receive quality repairs that fully restore your BMW.

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