Three BMW Dashboard Indicator Lights You Need to Know About

Three BMW Dashboard Indicator Lights You Need to Know About

Does Your BMW Have a Dashboard Indicator Light On?

Your BMW has a comprehensive system in place to let you know if something is wrong. One important part of this system is your vehicle’s dashboard indicator lights. But with so many lights on the dash, it can be tough to know what every one of them means.

To help you out, the BMW repair specialists at Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks in Scottsdale, Arizona, have put together this handy-dandy guide on the top three BMW dash lights you need to thoroughly understand.

BMW Dashboard Indicators 101

As a general rule of thumb, the color of the illuminated dash light will signal the severity of the problem.

Red indicators require immediate attention.

Orange means a less urgent matter, but vehicle servicing is still required.

Other symbol colors, including green and blue, generally will provide you with information, including indicators and lights.

A flashing warning light indicates an urgent issue.

Check Engine Light Indicator

An illuminated check engine light is generally red or yellow and resembles an oddly-shaped block. If your check engine light is on, it could be for various reasons, including a loose gas cap or a failing oxygen sensor. Whenever your check engine light comes on, it’s smart to schedule a BMW repair service appointment.

Brake Warning Indicator Lights

If there is a problem with your BMW’s braking system, two different indicators might pop up on your dash. These include a red light that reads “BRAKE” or a red exclamation point in a circle. Whenever you see either of these illuminated indicators, stop driving your car and immediately take it in to be inspected. A bad braking system can put you in harm’s way.

Battery Indicator

A battery charge warning light looks like a little battery with a plus and minus sign. This means that your BMW battery has no charge because of either a dead battery or an alternator malfunction. Your BMW also might not turn over or have dim interior lights.

Signs of a Problem

If you notice any of these warning lights on your dashboard pop on, make a BMW repair appointment at Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks in Scottsdale, Arizona, right away. Call our Mesa location at (480) 733-5321, our Scottsdale location at (480) 404-0051 or contact us online to get your BMW in tip-top condition once again!

Written by Arizona Bimmer Motor Werks