What You Need to Know About Your BMW Wheel Alignment

What You Need to Know About Your BMW Wheel Alignment

Everything to Know About BMW Wheel Alignment

When it comes to being a BMW owner, there are many things that you need to consider to keep your car running as efficiently as the day you bought it. One of the most critical aspects to ensure your vehicle runs properly is BMW wheel alignment. In this article, we'll briefly discuss everything you need to know prior to scheduling your next wheel alignment with SHOP.

During your BMW wheel alignment service, there are two significant components that will be inspected.


The camber refers to the angle of which the wheel of your vehicle meets the road. When your camber is adjusted correctly, each wheel should be vertical to the ground, so the most significant possible amount of the tire's surface region is touching the street at all times. However, when the camber alignment deteriorates, the wheel may begin to tilt inward or outward, resulting in negative or positive camber, both leading to less tire making contact with the road.


Caster refers to the angle generated by the steering's pivot point from the front to the rear of the car. Positive caster means the line is angled forward, while a negative caster means the line is angled backward. Positive caster will increase the lean in your tires while turning and improve stability, while negative caster could result in decreased steering control.

Your BMW was designed to provide a driving experience that is unlike any other vehicle on the road. During your next BMW wheel alignment service, we will ensure that all four corners of your car, as well as the camber, caster, steering wheel, and toe, meet the exact specifications of BMW. Additionally, we will also inspect tire pressure, steering angle sensors, and headlights.

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